Engineering Materials for Stem Cell Regeneration [pdf]

Book Chapter #13: In Situ Tissue Engineering: A New Dimension [pdf]

Yavuz Nuri Ertas*, Asma Sadat Vaziri, Keyvan Abedi-Dorcheh, Fereshteh Kazemi-Aghdam, Masoume Sohrabinejad, Rumeysa Tutar, Fatemeh Rastegar-Adib, Nureddin Ashammakhi

Abstract: Tissue engineering has evolved to provide ways to construct tissues primarily aiming at replacing lost or damaged tissues or improving function. It has been classically developed using ex vivo means in which cells are generally cultured with biomaterials and subsequently engineered constructs are transplanted into the body. However, this approach is associated with several challenges that have limited its successful translation to the clinic. With in situ tissue engineering, it is possible to stimulate internal body regenerative potential by using biomaterials, biomolecules, and genes, which can reduce risks and challenges associated with ex vivo tissue engineering. In addition, in situ tissue engineering may potentially accelerate the clinical application of the technology and may lead to the development of more effective regenerative therapeutics through a collaborative multidisciplinary approach.